Hole 18



Par 5
tee-redRed 407 yards
tee-redWhite 432 yards
tee-redBlue 460 yards
tee-redGold 485 yards


This par 5, up-hill hole, a combination of parkland and links, is a great finisher. This hole is reachable in two aggressive shots. From the blue tee, it is 190 yards to lay-up short of the pond and 260 yards to carry it but check the wind. The plateau just opposite the sand trap on the right side would be the best position to lay-up your second shot and attack the pin with your third. With sand short and left and this being a three-tiered green, staying short of this hole is a must; be careful of the false front on this green. This hole offers a good opportunity for a birdie or eagle.


Hole 17



Par 3    
tee-redRed   92 yards
tee-redWhite   131 yards
tee-redBlue   131 yards
tee-redGold   141 yards


Club selection is the key. With three traps surrounding the green, including a pot bunker behind, there is nowhere to miss. Stay short and right of hole. Be careful with back left pin. Par is good.


Hole 16



Par 5
tee-redRed 433 yards
tee-redWhite 490 yards
tee-redBlue 539 yards
tee-redGold 566 yards


This double dog-leg, par 5 hole is the longest of the course. With 20 feet of elevation from tee to green and prevailing winds usually into you, this hole is almost unreachable in two. The tee shot should be hit right of center between two sand traps. The second shot will be a lay-up with a long iron or fairway wood; stay a little left of center because of the sand trap guarding the right side of the fairway. The third shot with a medium to short iron will be a carry to a very well-guarded green. Best to stay below the hole. A good chance for a birdie.


Hole 15



Par 3
tee-redRed 110 yards
tee-redWhite 141 yards
tee-redBlue 183 yards
tee-redGold 197 yards


Osprey's signature hole! Short is death. Long is no treat either. Ridge on right third of green funnels ball back to middle. Keep ball below hole. Par is super!


Hole 14



Par 4
tee-redRed 278 yards
tee-redWhite 336 yards
tee-redBlue 369 yards
tee-redGold 390 yards


The downhill par 4 is a favourite of a lot of the members. The tee shot should be hit slightly right of center as the fairway slopes from right to left. The fairway starts to narrow at 275 yards from the blue tee. When hitting your second shot, remember you are hitting from an elevated position. This two-tiered green slopes sharply from left to right, so right center and below the hole is the ideal position. Par is good.


Hole 13



Par 5
tee-redRed 438 yards
tee-redWhite 480 yards
tee-redBlue 504 yards
tee-redGold 525 yards


This par 5 is reachable by the long hitters with two good shots. The tee shot should be hit left of center to get the best angle for the second shot. From the blue tee, it is 270 yards to reach the second sand trap on the left but remember you're elevated. On your second shot, watch out for the four sand traps guarding the left side of this hole. Staying right is safe. This small green, the toughest of the course, slopes severely from right to left. Don't miss long and right; up and down is almost impossible from the position. A good birdie possibility.


Hole 12



Par 4
tee-redRed 346 yards
tee-redWhite 376 yards
tee-redBlue 388 yards
tee-redGold 415 yards


You might want to keep the driver in the bag here. Level plateaus lie at 210 and 240 yards from the blue. Remember, you are elevated and the wind is usually helping. The pond requires a carry of 285 yards from the blues. Club selection could be a chore into this green that is over 110 feet deep. Keep approach below hole. Par is great.


Hole 11



Par 4
tee-redRed 273 yards
tee-redWhite 314 yards
tee-redBlue 363 yards
tee-redGold 381 yards


This is the last of the links holes. From the back tee it is a minimum of a 180 yard carry over the water. The tee shot should be hit right of center for the best angle into the green. The green is long and narrow with a sand trap guarding the left-hand side. Again, be careful of the false front on this green. Stay below the hole. Par is a good score here.


Hole 10



Par 3
tee-redRed 120 yards
tee-redWhite 144 yards
tee-redBlue 149 yards
tee-redGold 171 yards


This par 3 requires a medium to short iron. Club selection is sometimes tough because of the changing winds. This large, undulating green is a big target but also has the biggest sand trap on the course guarding it. Par is good here.


Hole 9



Par 4
tee-redRed 282 yards
tee-redWhite 301 yards
tee-redBlue 323 yards
tee-redGold 348 yards


Out of the Parkland and onto the start of the links holes. This straight forward hole from the tee appears longer than it actually is. A drive of 225 yards is needed to carry the last sand trap on the right from the blue tee. This two-tiered green is the second toughest on the course. Check the pin to determine which tier it is on because you want to stay below the whole but watch out for the false front on this green. Par is good.


Hole 8



Par 3
tee-redRed 102 yards
tee-redWhite 134 yards
tee-redBlue 146 yards
tee-redGold 155 yards


This short elevated par 3 has a sand trap in front and to the right of the green. Green mainly slopes back to front. Tee shot requires an extra 2 clubs for compensation of elevated green. Don't forget to check the wind. Par is good.


Hole 7



Par 5
tee-redRed 373 yards
tee-redWhite 419 yards
tee-redBlue 452 yards
tee-redGold 481 yards


This dog-leg is reachable in two, although the green is well guarded. Stay right off the tee for the best angle of approach. It is 235 yards to the front of the second sand trap from the blues. Green is guarded in front and on the right side with four traps. Birdie is a strong possibility.


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